High Energy Hot Work Safety Attendant

For High Energy Hot Work : (in Flammable / General Areas)

• You need a Safety Attendant when Flammables or Combustibles are  within 35FT, or at greater distance away but that could be  easily ignited.

• A Safety Attendant, other than the person doing the hot work, shall be  present.

• The Safety Attendant shall remain for 30 minutes after the Hot Work is  complete.

• Additional Safety Attendants will be needed if there are combustible or  flammable materials at other elevations or beyond the distance that the  first Safety Attendant can quickly reach.

The Safety Attendant shall :

Not be assigned any additional duties  or tasks that conflict with the duties of  the Safety Attendant. (i.e., Go for tools)

Continually observe  the  actions  of  the  person  doing  the  hot  work  and surrounding conditions, and in  the  event  of  an  injury, fire,  gas release or  other  emergency, Shut down hot work equipment, alert  the person doing the hot work and initiate the proper response for the situation.

Safety Attendants must have :

• Knowledge of his/her responsibilities, and

• Knowledge of the work to be done and the specific tasks and the impact that these will have on the hot work and vice versa, and

• Knowledge of the proper procedures for shutting down the hot work  equipment in case of emergency, and

• Been trained on the proper use of flammable atmospheric monitoring  equipment that they will use (if any) and the specific fire extinguishing  equipment provided.

The Safety Attendant shall :

• Review the Safe Work Permit and participate in the on – site inspection  of Hot Work area to understand the scope of the job.

• Know what communication is required in case of an emergency.

• Know how to use the fire extinguishing equipment provided.

• Be familiar with the location of flammables or combustibles in the area.