Job Aide Hot Work – Fire Watch


  1. I am someone other than the person(s) performing the Hot Work. If not, review with Safe Work Permit issuer.
  2. Understand the scope of work to be done. Review Safe Work Permit and participate in the on site inspection of Hot Work area to understand the  scope of the job.
  3. Be familiar with the location of flammables or combustibles in the area. (The reason that a Fire Watch is required for the Hot Work job.)If not, review  with Safe Work Permit issuer.
  4. Know how to shutdown the Hot Work equipment in case of emergency. If  not, review with persons performing the Hot Work or the Safe Work Permit  issuer.
  5. Know what communication is required in case of an emergency and  how to initiate the emergency response process. If not, review with Safe  Work Permit issuer.
  6. Know how to use the fire extinguishing equipment provided. If not, review  with Safe Work Permit issuer.
  7. Know how to use the atmospheric monitoring equipment provided. If not,  review with Safe Work Permit issuer.
  8. Physically monitor the entire Hot Work area, observing both the  surrounding conditions and behaviours of the person(s) performing the  Hot Work. If the area is so large or so configured that I person cannot  monitor it, then request additional Fire Watches from the Safe Work  Permit issuer.
  9. Accept no other job duties that might interfere with your ability to be able  to monitor the Hot Work job. If requested to do so, review with the Safe  Work Permit issuer.
  10. Remain alert; monitoring the area and Hot Work job to ensure safe job  completion once Hot Work begins. Ensure conditions specified by the safe  work permit or procedures are maintained. If not, shut down the job and  initiate appropriate emergency procedures.
  11. Remain on the job site for 30 minutes once Hot Work is complete, if  required. Required if combustibles or flammables are contained in walls or  partitions that could be ignited by radiation or that could smolder and ignite  over time.