Using A Fire Extinguisher

In an early stage, a fire extinguisher can reduce or eliminate a fire. However, you need to remember PASS to use it correctly.

P Pull the Pin

If there is no pin on the fire extinguisher, it probably will not  work. Have authorized supplier inspect the extinguisher serviceability immediately.

A – Aim the Nozzle

When aiming at the fire, aim at the base of the fire,  not at the top. This will improve the effectiveness of  the extinguisher putting out the fire.

S – Squeeze the Handle

If you are using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, remember to hold the handle. CO2 gets very cold  when it comes out of the nozzle and can cause freeze burn if you contact it with bare skin. Also, don’t forget  to squeeze the handle BEFORE you approach the  fire.

S – Sweep from Side to Side

Sweep the extinguisher side to side with a hand wrist action ensuring to overlap the edges of the fire. This sweeping and overlap action will help extinguish the  fire and reduce the chance of re-ignition.