Using Your Mouth-bit Escape Respirator

If instructed in an emergency or if an odor is detected, to use the mouth-bit respirator follow instructions below (illustrated at the next slide)

  • Remove mouth-bit from pouch/case, place in mouth.
  • Hold in place with your teeth.
  • Fit the flange between your lips and gums to achieve a firm seal around the mouth-bit.
  • Use the nose-clip to assure you are breathing through your mouth only

NOTE: If the nose clip doesn’t seal comfortably, use your fingers to pinch your nose (do not remove the attached nose clip from the respirator).

  • Check the wind direction and get out of the area quickly. Traverse across or upwind to an up-wind location of the problem area.
  • Follow the site/facility emergency plan. Proceed to an evacuation assembly point and notify appropriate personnel per department Emergency Response Plan that you are safe (Need to account for personnel).

Replace respirator or filter cartridge after use in an emergency involving a chemical release.